Digital smile designing (DSD)

DSD (Digital Smile Designing)

Digital smile designing
  • DSD-Digital smile Design is an exciting new concept in the field of cosmetic dentistry developed by Dr. Christian Coachman and introduced in India by Dr. RajivVerma.
  • Digital Smile Design (DSD) is an extremely accurate method of enhancing your smile. Earlier it was left to guesswork.
  • With the arrival of DSD, your smile can now be digitally designed on a computer, so that you can see what you would look like before even starting the treatment. You can go one step further and ask your DSD Doctor for a trail of your dream smile.
  • Designing the smile first on the computer gives the dentist a "Road Map" with the exact dimensions an proportions of the new teeth to make sure you get the perfect smile.

Benifits of DSD:

  • Create a lasting first impression.
  • Enhance your confidence by sleeting a smile that suits your internal personality, face, skin colour, eye colour, age etc.
  • Hi Tech concept with zero human error.

DSD works for:

  1. Disproportionate teeth.
  2. Crooked teeth.
  3. Gaps in teeth.
  4. Discoloured, damaged or missing teeth.
  5. Broken front teeth.
  6. Personality enhancement&confidence buildup.
  7. Create an lconic smile.